What is a proxy server and how it works?

Proxy sever and how it works? What means a proxy ? What is a proxy server and how it works is one of the common questions asked by many people. Well, people use proxies extensively around the world in one form or another. If you are using the Internet at work, chances are you have already used a proxy without being aware of it. One of the common and popular forms of proxies is the virtual private network (VPN). Businesses mostly use VPN.

A proxy enables you to work remotely, privately, and securely. It protects your online activities and identity. You need to take a look at how a proxy works in order to understand what is proxy fully. Let’s take a look at how a proxy actually works.

How proxies work

Proxy is actually a point-to-point linkage between the users and a far-flung location on the World Wide Web. For example, a person working for a company in New York uses a VPN at his workplace. This means his PC is connected with a dedicated system at his company. This system is referred to as VPN server.  This server will carry out your online activities and correspondence.

In addition to the popular question of what is proxy, many people are curious about the benefits of a proxy.  A major benefit of using a proxy is that the no one will see your online activities and transactions. This happens because the private channel of your company is encrypting your communication. Your communication is moving from your PC to the proxy/VPN server, and then being channeled out to the wider Internet.

So, what is proxy has a simple answer: a proxy enables you to do your online activities privately. You can carry out your online correspondence without the fear that anyone might be virtually snooping on you. Anyone trying to monitor your communication through the packets of your PC will see the IP address the proxy server has assigned your PC. Nobody will see your device’s actual IP address. Nobody can trace the websites you are visiting and the person you are communicating with.

When it comes to answering, “what is proxy,” the answer would remain incomplete without taking a look at SSL. SSL is an effective tool for ensuring your online privacy and security. However, SSL comes with a shortcoming in that people will be able to see the headers and identify the websites you visited. This is not the case with a proxy, because it camouflages the headers of websites.  This adds a second layer of security and privacy to your online activities.

Besides VPN, other popular proxies include SSL proxy and Socks proxy. These proxies almost function in a similar way. They relay your system’s packets, strip your device’s IP address, and assign a dedicated IP to your device from the proxy server’s pool of IPs.  

People around the world use proxies for different purposes. For example, if a certain content on the Internet is restricted in the US but not in Canada, people from the US will not be able to access the content. In order to get access to the content, they may use a proxy, preferably a proxy server based in Canada. The proxy server will enable the user to bypass the restriction placed on the particular content in the US. And the good news is that no one in the US will know that you just accessed a restricted content.  I hope this simple example helps you understand what is proxy and how it works.