Pokemon Go private proxy server ? Why to use it ?

Pokemon Go private proxy server ? Pokemon Go is undeniably one of the most popular games ever made. You might ask, “what is Pokemon Go proxy?” or “what does the game has to do with private proxies?” Well, in this post, we’ll explore how proxies fit into the Pokemon Go game. The good news, however, is that Pokemon Go private proxies already exist, and many Pokemon Go stalwarts have already heaved a sigh of relief.


If the odds are against you, you should tap into the power of Pokemon Go proxy to unleash your passion for and mastery of the game. While Pokemon Go private proxies will let you hack and play the game, the creator of the game does not allow these methods. In short, the Pokemon Go private proxy server lets you play the game from incorrect locations, build creatures, cheat other players, and exploit other areas of the game.


So, let’s see what can you do with the Pokemon Go private proxy server.


  1.    Change your location

Pokemon Go is completely centered on your geo-location. In simple terms, it is an augmented reality game that lets you play in your surrounding areas. The game takes your physical location data from your device’s IP address and GPS signal. This means that you simply can’t play the game if you are located in areas or countries where the game is not allowed or where it hasn’t yet been released. This is where Pokemon Go private proxies can help you.


Proxies help you change your device’s location to an area where Pokemon Go is allowed or released. For example, by using a proxy server based in the US, you will be able to use Pokemon Go. Be sure to download the app, create your account, and login in to your account with the same proxy.


  1.    Location Spoofing

Even though the Pokemon Go proxy can make things work for you, the problem is that your device’s GPS system will transmit your actual physical location to the servers of Niantic – the creator of the game. This can happen in many countries. In this case, you simply can’t catch a single of them, let alone all of them. So, what’s the solution? Well, the solution is geo-location spoofing, which is easy for Android devices but a bit tricky for iOS.


Geo-location spoofing lets you change your device’s GPS-based map settings. If you manage to spoof your location, you can get Pokemon Go to work for you. The bonus: you can get a lot of them by traveling to different locations without physically going anywhere.


  1.    Protection

Since the method explained above is not permitted or approved by the creator of Pokemon Go, the proxy provides you a high degree of protection. The proxy server makes you appear anonymous. Nobody will be able to see your device’s actual IP; instead, they’d see the IP address of the proxy server. Using proxies is the most reliable and best way to play Pokemon Go from areas where the game is not available or where it is not legally allowed.


  1. Walk with bots and create your own world


If you have finally managed to use proxies for Pokemon Go, you will now require a bot to fine-tune the method. The good news is that the bot will let you walk several miles in the game without actually physically moving from your home. The game requires you to physically walk around to collect the eggs, which is not possible for you. The bots help you here. They will virtually take you around to collect the eggs.
If you don’t want other people snatching your Pokemon, and if you hate the laws governing the game, you can even create your own world. You can use the combination of the proxy and bot to capture all of the data transferred by the game to your device and change it on your own server. Now you have your own world, with your own rules.

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