Why to Buy Craigslist Proxies ?

Why to Buy Craigslist Proxies


Craigslist proxies are private; HTTPS proxies that you can use to access the classified ads network. While only a few proxy service companies offer Craigslist proxies, it is important to use a Craigslist proxy in certain circumstances.


There are a ton of convincing reasons why you should buy Craigslist proxies. In this post, we’ll take a look at most important of those reasons.


  1.    Data Scrapping

If you want to scrap data from the classified ads platform, craigslist proxy is your tool. You may want to scrap data for different reasons from the website. You may want to monitor items that are being sold so that you can buy and resell those items at a profit. Many people have already made fortunes through this practice.


For example, you can scrap Craigslist data through a proxy to look for the Rose Bowl tickets. Using the proxy, you can buy tickets for $100 each and then resell them for $500 each. Many people are scrapping data through Craigslist proxies for personal reasons, such as comparing prices of certain items.   


  1. Posting Multiple Ads


Craigslist is very tough when it comes to spamming. This means the site won’t let you post multiple ads. If you have many items to sell, you’d need to post separate ads for each item. Or if you are listing digital services, you may want to post each service individually. However, when you do this without a proxy, Craigslist will consider it a spam. The site may even delete your posts and ban you. The easy fix here is to use Craigslist proxies. Using different proxies, you can list all of your items or services for sale.


  1. Evade location limitations


Craigslist has strict location restrictions in place. You would not be able to create listings in a location other than the one your IP address pertains to. For example, if you were living in Houston, you would not be able to post an ad in NYC. If posting an ad in another city is important to you, a Craigslist proxy can help you do that. You should be sure to choose the server location in the city under which you want to post the ad. You can buy multiple Craigslist proxies to post your ads in many cities around the country.


  1. Evading restrictions at work


Every employer wants his/her employees to concentrate solely on the official work. That’s absolutely fine, after all, the company has hired you for work. However, what is you have completed all your tasks for the day, and have some time to spare? You may want to use Craigslist; however, the odds might be against you. Chances are your employer has already blocked Craigslist. You can buy a Craigslist proxy to evade the restriction. In this way,  you can access Craigslist while at work. Your employer will not be able to snoop on your online activities.


  1. Getting past phone verification

Craigslist may require you to verify your account via the phone in certain circumstances. For example, when you post many ads from the same IP address, Craigslist will ask you for phone verification. In order to get past the phone verification, you can simply buy different Craigslist proxies and complete your ads postings without any trouble.  By using different proxies, Craigslist won’t ask you for phone verification. Should you get flagged, simply start posting with a new proxy.


  1. Get past banned IP address


You might have committed some mistakes on Craigslist that went against the classified ads terms of service.  As a result, Craigslist might have banned your IP address. You can still be able to access Craigslist by using a proxy, because the proxy server will assign your device a new IP address.


  1. Staying anonymous


Some people may not have big reasons to buy Craigslist proxies; however, they may simply want to remain anonymous when using Craigslist. If you are someone who is very sensitive about online security, the Craigslist proxy can give you protection. Remember, staying anonymous online comes with immense benefits. It doesn’t hurt to remain anonymous in the online world. Not remaining anonymous online can seriously hurt at times.

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