SOCKS5 HTTPS proxy for proxifier


Proxifier is popular proxy tunneling application for HTTPS and SOCKS clients, particularly SOCKS5. The proxy is trusted and used worldwide, as it effectively tunnels connection of any application to your intended SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy connection. In other words, it lets connection that can’t function via proxy servers to work via HTTPS and SOCKS proxy.


To make it easy for you to chew on, Proxifier enables you to use a particular proxy despite the fact that the application you desire to access does not sustain the change or pattern of specific proxies. It also provides you multiple layers of privacy by masking your actual IP, assigning you an unknown IP, and keeping your Internet surfing footmarks completely private.


Proxifier is available in two editions: a standalone full edition and a portable edition. Both versions can run without any error on all operating systems. What makes proxifier more attractive is the fact that it empowers you to resolve your DNS settings according to your preferences. Moreover, it works to its optimum capacity with IPV6 IP system. And it covers almost all connections, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS v4 and v5.


To get Proxifier, go to The good news is that you can use the free trial before upgrading to the premium version. We recommend the portable version of Proxifier, as it has almost everything you desire to have in a proxifying app. You can even choose to go with the no-install edition of Proxifier, which is more convenient for use.


Proxifier works by first checking the proxy connection. It will then start using the proxies to open your applications. Simply click on the Start Testing button, and Proxifier will prompt you whether your proxies are functional. If you are a professional proxy user, you probably already know everything about HTTP and SOCKS proxies.


For users who are unaware of these terms, an HTTP proxy works when you surf a certain website on the Internet via a normal browser. On the other hand, the SOCKS proxy works differently. You can use it for almost all types of Internet connections, including apps. Programs on your device will use the HTTP and SOCKS proxies independently.


After adding a proxy in Proxifier, you will be required to choose the type of proxy, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. You need to be sure the types of proxies you are using since it plays an important role in maintaining your anonymity and functionality of Proxifier. Majority proxies, most free versions, are HTTP; however, you should get in touch with your proxy service provider to be sure about your proxy type.


What actually makes Proxifier twinkle is the fact that it assigns proxies to dedicated applications and IP addresses with rules. For example, you can open unlimited proxies and use them with Proxifier, in addition to configuring a proxy to be used with a certain browser or to access a certain website and adjust different browsers to different proxies in a go. You can play with the rules in various ways and customize Proxifier according to your needs and requirements.

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