5 important reasons why you should use proxy servers

The Average Person Probably Has Only a Vague Understanding of the Purpose of a Proxy Server

There are many people who think of a proxy server as something that lets them use Netflix in countries where it normally can’t work, or stay anonymous when using open Wi-Fi networks. In reality, proxy servers are capable of helping you accomplish a number of goals, particularly in terms of business.

A proxy server works by acting as an intermediary between your PC and another server on the Word Wide Web. When accessing a certain resource on the Internet, your PC first connects to the proxy server, which masks your real IP and assigns you a different IP address. Even though this might seem a trivial change to many, you can use the proxy IP to do a number of critical business tasks, such as cyber security and customer service provision.

Here are the 5 important reasons why you should use proxy servers.

1. Proxy Servers Can Enhance Your Cyber Security

Cyber criminals are honing their skills and coming up with creative and sophisticated methods to attack businesses. Without a reliable cyber defense, your networks, systems, and data are exposed to hackers. A breach of security can result in an unimaginable business loss in the form of damage to your corporate image, business downtime, litigations, and financial loss.

A trusted proxy server can decrease your risk of cyber attacks. Proxy servers provide your networks, systems, server, and data an additional layer of protection from the outside traffic. They act as a buffer between your organization’s servers and network and the Internet at large.

Even though some hackers may manage to identify your proxy, they will not be able to reach your own network, systems, data centers, and server. Though foolproof protection is not guaranteed, proxy servers go a long way toward decreasing your cyber security risks to a greater extent.

2. Perform Critical Activities Privately

Proxy servers let you access the Internet and do a variety of tasks privately. But there are many people who don’t ascertain the importance of this powerful feature for businesses. However, people from professions like the media and cyber security depend on the anonymity offered by a proxy to safeguard their identity, sources, businesses, data of clients, and stakeholders.

If you are doing any research and development or other important business activities, you should better keep your activities anonymous by using a trusted proxy service. Proxy servers keep your anonymous, meaning that no one will be able to trace you or your business activities and essential data.

3. Proxy Servers Save Your Server From Breakdown by Balancing the Traffic

Imagine your customers are trying to access your company’s website and find that it is offline. They will definitely get mad at your business if using your site at that moment was crucial for them. When you use a proxy server together with cloud storage and peering, your website will still be accessible because these technologies would save your server from crashing by harmonizing the incoming traffic.

In simple terms, it means that your website data is stored on multiple servers across the world in cloud storages and peering simply supports your network to manage more traffic. This doesn’t mean you will need to tell your website visitors to use a number of ISPs to access your site. Instead, the proxy server will generate one web address to serve all the traffic at the access point.

4. Regulate the Use of Internet by Your Employees

No business owner would like his/her employees to access insecure websites at work. When your network that runs on a proxy is used to access certain websites, the proxy can easily detect and stop the activity. The network administrator will have full control over the systems and devices using the network and can prevent them from accessing unsafe sites. Moreover, insecure and inappropriate websites can even be blocked on the corporate network.

5. Proxies Can Enhance Your Internet Speed and Save Bandwidth

Proxy servers perform a number of additional tasks in the background, which is why many people think they will slow down their Internet speeds. In reality, you can use proxy servers to boost your Internet speed and save bandwidth. The proxy server works by condensing traffic, caching files and web pages, and barring ad-based content from websites you visit. This can save you sufficient bandwidth and enhance your Internet speed.

How to Buy Private Proxy ?

How to Buy Private Proxy ?

These days almost all websites track your browsing habits and store your information for marketing and other purposes. If you want to avoid the situation, you should buy a proxy. Proxies can do more than this. Using a trusted proxy, you can use the Internet privately, meaning that no one will be able to trace you or find out what you browsed. A proxy can protect your identity and IP address while letting you access and use the Internet smoothly.

Let’s take a look at what a proxy is and how you can buy and use it.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is a computer that transmits Internet requests. However, what sets it apart from other computers and servers is that it acts an intermediary between you and the site you want to access. While using a proxy to access a website, your computer first connects to the proxy server that is located in a different location. In the second step, the proxy server assigns your computer a new IP and lets you use your desired website with that IP address. People who buy a proxy and use it to its full capacity are able to enjoy a number of benefits when surfing the Internet while remaining anonymous.

Why use a Proxy?

Your IP address is your identity in the digital world. It can be used to locate your physical address and identity details. There are many benefits of using a proxy to access the Internet. If there are parental restrictions placed on some websites, you should buy a proxy if you want to access the sites anyway.

There are also plenty of countries worldwide that have blocked a number of popular websites like Facebook and Twitter. If you are living in a country where your favorite sites are banned, you should buy a proxy and access those sites. A proxy will not only let you access the website but also protect your identity and location.

There are also people who want to simply remain anonymous for privacy and security purposes when surfing the Internet. All such people should buy a proxy to keep their digital footprints private.

How to Buy Private Proxy

When looking to buy private proxy, you will come across two major types: free proxies and paid proxies. As common sense suggests, you get what you pay for, meaning the paid version of proxies come with extensive benefits. Most free proxies are not reliable because thy do more harm than good. They are slow, short of features, and may even infect your computer with malware. They even don’t guarantee your anonymity.

On the other hand, the paid version comes with many advantages. It guarantees your privacy, is faster, and comes with some cool features. You can even customize it according to your needs and requirements.

Of course, you are the one who has to make the final decision. If you need the proxy to visit a certain site occasionally, you may be good to go with the free proxy. However, if you rely heavily on proxies for your personal use or business functions, buy a paid proxy.


Proxies offer you digital freedom and privacy. When you use a reliable proxy service, you’ll not have to worry that you’ll be traced or your identity will be exposed. Instead, a proxy will protect your identity while letting you access even the blocked websites and content on the Internet.



Why to buy Proxy for Twitter ?

Proxy for Twitter ?

Twitter is often blocked in many places, including schools, workplaces, and entire countries. There are several reasons why Twitter is banned or blocked in many places; however, our goal here is not to discuss those reasons but to find out why and how people evade the Twitter blockades and stay anonymous while using Twitter.

If you want to access and use Twitter in places where it is blocked, that is absolutely possible. You need to use a proxy for Twitter to achieve your goal. Proxy for Twitter is in huge demand, as it allows users to use the site anonymously.

There are also many people who simply want to remain anonymous when using Twitter. Given the rising cases of eavesdropping by different government agencies and hackers, many people want their online footprints to remain private. Proxy for Twitter lets them do just that.

Internet marketers also use the proxy for Twitter to implement some of their marketing strategies. They use it to create and run multiple Twitter accounts to spread their message when they are sure that a single account isn’t going to help them achieve their goal.

You may wonder why is it important to use a proxy for Twitter to create more than one Twitter accounts. Well, there is this problem with Twitter that it does not allow the creation of more than one account per person. When you use the same IP address to make and use multiple accounts, the social networking site will ban your IP and the accounts. So, instead of going around your city and using different Wi-Fi networks to create many Twitter accounts, you can simply use a proxy for Twitter to accomplish your goal.

Proxy for Twitter allows you to bypass the controls, checks, filters, and restrictions placed on accessing and using Twitter. When looking for a proxy for Twitter, you will come across two types: free and paid. While the free proxies may let you access Twitter, they come with a number of limitations and side effects.

For example, there are many free proxies set up by hackers. Their goal is not to help you access Twitter but to steal and store your information and data. They will even steal your username and password and hack your account and even your device. Free proxies are also very slow. Some of them come with a number of technical glitches as well. And they don’t provide you foolproof privacy. Your digital footprints may still be exposed.

Instead of taking risks with free and semi-dedicated proxies, you should go with a dedicated, paid proxy for Twitter. You will pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to the provider and be able to use a proxy for Twitter that is dedicated only to you. Here’s how it works: your computer connects to the proxy server located in another country or state instead of Twitter. And the proxy server assigns your device a new IP address, thus allowing you to access and use Twitter from a totally different IP. This keeps you digitally anonymous and lets your bypass any restriction placed on using Twitter in your workplace, school, or country.