5 important reasons why you should use proxy servers

The Average Person Probably Has Only a Vague Understanding of the Purpose of a Proxy Server

There are many people who think of a proxy server as something that lets them use Netflix in countries where it normally can’t work, or stay anonymous when using open Wi-Fi networks. In reality, proxy servers are capable of helping you accomplish a number of goals, particularly in terms of business.

A proxy server works by acting as an intermediary between your PC and another server on the Word Wide Web. When accessing a certain resource on the Internet, your PC first connects to the proxy server, which masks your real IP and assigns you a different IP address. Even though this might seem a trivial change to many, you can use the proxy IP to do a number of critical business tasks, such as cyber security and customer service provision.

Here are the 5 important reasons why you should use proxy servers.

1. Proxy Servers Can Enhance Your Cyber Security

Cyber criminals are honing their skills and coming up with creative and sophisticated methods to attack businesses. Without a reliable cyber defense, your networks, systems, and data are exposed to hackers. A breach of security can result in an unimaginable business loss in the form of damage to your corporate image, business downtime, litigations, and financial loss.

A trusted proxy server can decrease your risk of cyber attacks. Proxy servers provide your networks, systems, server, and data an additional layer of protection from the outside traffic. They act as a buffer between your organization’s servers and network and the Internet at large.

Even though some hackers may manage to identify your proxy, they will not be able to reach your own network, systems, data centers, and server. Though foolproof protection is not guaranteed, proxy servers go a long way toward decreasing your cyber security risks to a greater extent.

2. Perform Critical Activities Privately

Proxy servers let you access the Internet and do a variety of tasks privately. But there are many people who don’t ascertain the importance of this powerful feature for businesses. However, people from professions like the media and cyber security depend on the anonymity offered by a proxy to safeguard their identity, sources, businesses, data of clients, and stakeholders.

If you are doing any research and development or other important business activities, you should better keep your activities anonymous by using a trusted proxy service. Proxy servers keep your anonymous, meaning that no one will be able to trace you or your business activities and essential data.

3. Proxy Servers Save Your Server From Breakdown by Balancing the Traffic

Imagine your customers are trying to access your company’s website and find that it is offline. They will definitely get mad at your business if using your site at that moment was crucial for them. When you use a proxy server together with cloud storage and peering, your website will still be accessible because these technologies would save your server from crashing by harmonizing the incoming traffic.

In simple terms, it means that your website data is stored on multiple servers across the world in cloud storages and peering simply supports your network to manage more traffic. This doesn’t mean you will need to tell your website visitors to use a number of ISPs to access your site. Instead, the proxy server will generate one web address to serve all the traffic at the access point.

4. Regulate the Use of Internet by Your Employees

No business owner would like his/her employees to access insecure websites at work. When your network that runs on a proxy is used to access certain websites, the proxy can easily detect and stop the activity. The network administrator will have full control over the systems and devices using the network and can prevent them from accessing unsafe sites. Moreover, insecure and inappropriate websites can even be blocked on the corporate network.

5. Proxies Can Enhance Your Internet Speed and Save Bandwidth

Proxy servers perform a number of additional tasks in the background, which is why many people think they will slow down their Internet speeds. In reality, you can use proxy servers to boost your Internet speed and save bandwidth. The proxy server works by condensing traffic, caching files and web pages, and barring ad-based content from websites you visit. This can save you sufficient bandwidth and enhance your Internet speed.

How to Buy Private Proxy ?

How to Buy Private Proxy ?

These days almost all websites track your browsing habits and store your information for marketing and other purposes. If you want to avoid the situation, you should buy a proxy. Proxies can do more than this. Using a trusted proxy, you can use the Internet privately, meaning that no one will be able to trace you or find out what you browsed. A proxy can protect your identity and IP address while letting you access and use the Internet smoothly.

Let’s take a look at what a proxy is and how you can buy and use it.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy is a computer that transmits Internet requests. However, what sets it apart from other computers and servers is that it acts an intermediary between you and the site you want to access. While using a proxy to access a website, your computer first connects to the proxy server that is located in a different location. In the second step, the proxy server assigns your computer a new IP and lets you use your desired website with that IP address. People who buy a proxy and use it to its full capacity are able to enjoy a number of benefits when surfing the Internet while remaining anonymous.

Why use a Proxy?

Your IP address is your identity in the digital world. It can be used to locate your physical address and identity details. There are many benefits of using a proxy to access the Internet. If there are parental restrictions placed on some websites, you should buy a proxy if you want to access the sites anyway.

There are also plenty of countries worldwide that have blocked a number of popular websites like Facebook and Twitter. If you are living in a country where your favorite sites are banned, you should buy a proxy and access those sites. A proxy will not only let you access the website but also protect your identity and location.

There are also people who want to simply remain anonymous for privacy and security purposes when surfing the Internet. All such people should buy a proxy to keep their digital footprints private.

How to Buy Private Proxy

When looking to buy private proxy, you will come across two major types: free proxies and paid proxies. As common sense suggests, you get what you pay for, meaning the paid version of proxies come with extensive benefits. Most free proxies are not reliable because thy do more harm than good. They are slow, short of features, and may even infect your computer with malware. They even don’t guarantee your anonymity.

On the other hand, the paid version comes with many advantages. It guarantees your privacy, is faster, and comes with some cool features. You can even customize it according to your needs and requirements.

Of course, you are the one who has to make the final decision. If you need the proxy to visit a certain site occasionally, you may be good to go with the free proxy. However, if you rely heavily on proxies for your personal use or business functions, buy a paid proxy.


Proxies offer you digital freedom and privacy. When you use a reliable proxy service, you’ll not have to worry that you’ll be traced or your identity will be exposed. Instead, a proxy will protect your identity while letting you access even the blocked websites and content on the Internet.



Why to buy Proxy for Twitter ?

Proxy for Twitter ?

Twitter is often blocked in many places, including schools, workplaces, and entire countries. There are several reasons why Twitter is banned or blocked in many places; however, our goal here is not to discuss those reasons but to find out why and how people evade the Twitter blockades and stay anonymous while using Twitter.

If you want to access and use Twitter in places where it is blocked, that is absolutely possible. You need to use a proxy for Twitter to achieve your goal. Proxy for Twitter is in huge demand, as it allows users to use the site anonymously.

There are also many people who simply want to remain anonymous when using Twitter. Given the rising cases of eavesdropping by different government agencies and hackers, many people want their online footprints to remain private. Proxy for Twitter lets them do just that.

Internet marketers also use the proxy for Twitter to implement some of their marketing strategies. They use it to create and run multiple Twitter accounts to spread their message when they are sure that a single account isn’t going to help them achieve their goal.

You may wonder why is it important to use a proxy for Twitter to create more than one Twitter accounts. Well, there is this problem with Twitter that it does not allow the creation of more than one account per person. When you use the same IP address to make and use multiple accounts, the social networking site will ban your IP and the accounts. So, instead of going around your city and using different Wi-Fi networks to create many Twitter accounts, you can simply use a proxy for Twitter to accomplish your goal.

Proxy for Twitter allows you to bypass the controls, checks, filters, and restrictions placed on accessing and using Twitter. When looking for a proxy for Twitter, you will come across two types: free and paid. While the free proxies may let you access Twitter, they come with a number of limitations and side effects.

For example, there are many free proxies set up by hackers. Their goal is not to help you access Twitter but to steal and store your information and data. They will even steal your username and password and hack your account and even your device. Free proxies are also very slow. Some of them come with a number of technical glitches as well. And they don’t provide you foolproof privacy. Your digital footprints may still be exposed.

Instead of taking risks with free and semi-dedicated proxies, you should go with a dedicated, paid proxy for Twitter. You will pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to the provider and be able to use a proxy for Twitter that is dedicated only to you. Here’s how it works: your computer connects to the proxy server located in another country or state instead of Twitter. And the proxy server assigns your device a new IP address, thus allowing you to access and use Twitter from a totally different IP. This keeps you digitally anonymous and lets your bypass any restriction placed on using Twitter in your workplace, school, or country.

SOCKS5 HTTPS proxy for proxifier


Proxifier is popular proxy tunneling application for HTTPS and SOCKS clients, particularly SOCKS5. The proxy is trusted and used worldwide, as it effectively tunnels connection of any application to your intended SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy connection. In other words, it lets connection that can’t function via proxy servers to work via HTTPS and SOCKS proxy.


To make it easy for you to chew on, Proxifier enables you to use a particular proxy despite the fact that the application you desire to access does not sustain the change or pattern of specific proxies. It also provides you multiple layers of privacy by masking your actual IP, assigning you an unknown IP, and keeping your Internet surfing footmarks completely private.


Proxifier is available in two editions: a standalone full edition and a portable edition. Both versions can run without any error on all operating systems. What makes proxifier more attractive is the fact that it empowers you to resolve your DNS settings according to your preferences. Moreover, it works to its optimum capacity with IPV6 IP system. And it covers almost all connections, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS v4 and v5.


To get Proxifier, go to https://www.proxifier.com/. The good news is that you can use the free trial before upgrading to the premium version. We recommend the portable version of Proxifier, as it has almost everything you desire to have in a proxifying app. You can even choose to go with the no-install edition of Proxifier, which is more convenient for use.


Proxifier works by first checking the proxy connection. It will then start using the proxies to open your applications. Simply click on the Start Testing button, and Proxifier will prompt you whether your proxies are functional. If you are a professional proxy user, you probably already know everything about HTTP and SOCKS proxies.


For users who are unaware of these terms, an HTTP proxy works when you surf a certain website on the Internet via a normal browser. On the other hand, the SOCKS proxy works differently. You can use it for almost all types of Internet connections, including apps. Programs on your device will use the HTTP and SOCKS proxies independently.


After adding a proxy in Proxifier, you will be required to choose the type of proxy, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. You need to be sure the types of proxies you are using since it plays an important role in maintaining your anonymity and functionality of Proxifier. Majority proxies, most free versions, are HTTP; however, you should get in touch with your proxy service provider to be sure about your proxy type.


What actually makes Proxifier twinkle is the fact that it assigns proxies to dedicated applications and IP addresses with rules. For example, you can open unlimited proxies and use them with Proxifier, in addition to configuring a proxy to be used with a certain browser or to access a certain website and adjust different browsers to different proxies in a go. You can play with the rules in various ways and customize Proxifier according to your needs and requirements.

Why to use Proxy for Instagram ?

Why to use Proxy for Instagram ?

Instagram is a popular app that many people use to share photos with their loved ones. It is also a favorite medium for Internet marketers to reach out to their target audiences. There are many Instagram users who want to remain anonymous while using the app. There are also many places around the world where Instagram is blocked or banned. In order to stay anonymous when using Instagram or to use Instagram in a country where it is blocked, you need to use a proxy for Instagram.

There are many digital marketers who use Instagram for professional purposes and think a single account is not sufficient to help them achieve their goals and objectives. Using more than one Instagram account to monitor your competitors, keep an eye on the analytics, and study your target market can be quite tricky and daunting.

When you create and use multiple accounts from the same IP address, Instagram will find you and ban all of your accounts. This can leave your marketing efforts in shatters. A proxy for Instagram will help you create and manage multiple Instagram accounts, without compromising your marketing efforts.

There are many proxies for Instagram that have been tested and found to be effective. However, it doesn’t mean all of the proxies will let you create different Instagram accounts. Most proxies come with a number of limitations. The common free proxies will not work on Instagram, so we recommend you to use a proxy dedicated to Instagram use only.

You will also find some free proxies that promise to keep you completely anonymous and help you use Instagram at its full capacity. In reality, free proxies never provide you complete privacy. They are also slow and wouldn’t let you use certain important features of Instagram. For example, you may not be able to create new accounts or upload pictures from a free proxy for Instagram.

A reliable proxy for Instagram is one that has been built only for Instagram and charges you a fee for using the service. When you buy a proxy for Instagram, your privacy will be guaranteed. With such a proxy, when you access Instagram, your device will first connect to a proxy server located somewhere else. The server will then assign your device a new, anonymous IP and let you use Instagram over that IP.

Also, you can use different proxies to create and manage multiple Instagram accounts and use them to their full potential, without getting banned. In simple words, the proxy server masks you real IP, which leaves no trace of your digital footprints.

Never settle for the free proxy for Instagram because there isn’t any such thing as a free lunch. Most of the free proxies are created and managed by cyber criminals to steal your valuable information, such as your identity and login details. The hackers will then hack your Instagram account. Even your computer or other digital devices can be hacked, and your critical information like your credit card details can be stolen.

How to buy Dedicated SOCKS5/ Shared SOCKS5

How to buy Dedicated SOCKS5/ Shared SOCKS5 


SOCKS stands for Socket Secure, which is a procedure by which a device on a network communicates with a server through a proxy server. SOCKS5 is the 5th version of SOCKS. When you are using SOCKS proxy to access the Internet, nobody will be able to track your online activities. SOCKS makes it possible by allocating a random IP address to your device when you access the Internet. This means that the actual IP address of your device will not be visible to anyone.


There are a number of features that make SOCKS5 proxy additionally secure. One of these is the provision of an additional layer of security. SOCKS5 proxy requires authentication, meaning that only authorized users will be able to use the server. SOCKS4 proxy and SOCKS5 proxy are the most popular versions of the Internet protocol. SOCKS5 proxy has gained additional traction due to the support for UDP protocol and IPv6, in addition to the authentication feature.


While very few people actually use UDP protocol; however, it is a crucial component of many programs to run smoothly. This means that you’ll need to use an SOCKS5 proxy to be able to unleash the full power of the programs that you want to access via proxy. In such situations, SOCKS4 and HTTP will fail. The only proxy that can keep your IP completely masked is SOCKS5.


It is important to note here that without the authentication mechanism, your proxy server is publically open. This means that whether you are using SOCKS4 or HTTP, anyone can use the server without your authorization. Anybody with the IP address and the port of SOCKS proxy server will be able to access the server. This isn’t the case with dedicated SOCKS5 proxy. No one, including your Internet service provider, LAN, or administrator, will be able to access the server without your permission.


Your online activities and communication are completely secure and private with a dedicated SOCKS5 proxy server. All SOCKS proxies operate as open relays, which means there is no restriction on what protocols the server will obey.  As a result, the SOCKS proxy servers are used to create a chain of proxies. The chain is created in this fashion: the first proxy connects to the second proxy, which in turn establishes a connection with the third proxy, and that in turn connects to the fourth proxy and so on… This results in the development of chained proxy servers.


The dedicated SOCKS5 proxy unbridles the complete power of the chained proxy servers, protecting your identity, requiring access authorization, securing your traffic, and protecting DNS requests. You should always use SOCKS5 proxy for your strict online activities like PayPal use, AdWords, online transactions, credit card processing, sending critical data, etc.


The good news is that unlike HTTP proxies, you can use SOCKS5 for additional services, like FTP, Tor, Skype, Email, IRC, and many other non-web services.


On the other hand, a shared SOCKS5 proxy is a server you have authorized other users to use as well. For example, when you allow your employees to use the SOCKS5 proxy at your company, it will become a shared SOCKS5 proxy. You will authorize each individual to access the server by using a username and password.
Shared SOCKS5 proxies are also offered by proxy service companies, in order to make the service affordable by sharing it among multiple users.  However, if you want to remain completely secure and anonymous on the Internet, you should choose a dedicated SOCKS5 proxy, instead of a shared one. Also, be sure to get the proxy service from a reliable and trusted company.

Private Proxy for Your SEO Business ?

Private Proxy for Your SEO Business ? 


If you are in the SEO business, you can boost your business by tapping into the power of private proxy. By combining your SEO efforts with a private proxy, you will be able to supercharge your various SEO campaigns.


With the right combination, you can break the competition head on. The use of private proxy will help your site, and your clients’ sites climb fairly quickly to the top in major search engines.


There are many benefits of using a private proxy for your SEO business, including the following:


Competitor research


Snooping on the competitor’s SEO strategies is a crucial part of any SEO campaign. Doing web scrapping without proxy can expose your device’s real IP, landing you in troubles. Once the web administrator of the competitor’s site becomes suspicious of your IP, he/she may ban your IP. Remember, your IP address is basically your identity. By using a private proxy, you can research your competitor’s ranking, backlinks, and other SEO practices without risking exposing your identity. This will keep you a step ahead of the competition.


Managing SEO campaigns and social media accounts


Running multiple SEO campaigns and social media accounts from the same IP can become troublesome. Search engines and social media sites may consider your activities as spam. They may even block or blacklist your IP. Your SEO efforts may get a dent as a result. With a private proxy, you can run different campaigns from different IP addresses. This will save you from unwelcoming outcomes.


Geographic location


Search engines categorize and rank websites on the basis of geographic locations, meaning that they display different results for different countries. If your clients, or if your clients’ clients, come from a different country, your SEO efforts could go in vain. Using a private proxy, you can change your system’s IP to that of your clients’ country and then carry out your SEO activities. This will help rank your site in that country.


Site speed


Private servers act as catalysts to cache your site in the web browsers of the users.  Every time users visit your site following the initial visit; your website will load faster as compared to manual loading of the site. Search engines rank those websites higher that can load quickly. This means that with a private proxy, your ranking will increase in Google and other search engines.


Running ad campaigns


If you are running multiple ad campaigns for different clients from the same IP, search engines could consider it as spam. You may even get blocked from the Internet. With a private proxy, you can run your ad campaigns without the fear of getting banned.


Generating backlinks


One of the very important elements of SEO is back linking. In order to create backlinks for your clients’ websites, you should be careful with your practices. Search engines may not like what you do.  Creating quick back links with your original IP can lead you into troubles. Using private proxies for different clients will not only evade Google’s monitoring but also protect your identity.
In order to get the most benefits for your SEO business out of private proxy, be sure to choose only a reliable private proxy service. Doing so will not only make your SEO efforts seamless and trouble-free but will also help rank your websites higher and quickly. There are several thousand companies that are offering private proxy services. Of course, the services may not be cheaper; however, when you find a reliable service, you can save thousands of dollars in other ways.  

Why to Buy Craigslist Proxies ?

Why to Buy Craigslist Proxies


Craigslist proxies are private; HTTPS proxies that you can use to access the classified ads network. While only a few proxy service companies offer Craigslist proxies, it is important to use a Craigslist proxy in certain circumstances.


There are a ton of convincing reasons why you should buy Craigslist proxies. In this post, we’ll take a look at most important of those reasons.


  1.    Data Scrapping

If you want to scrap data from the classified ads platform, craigslist proxy is your tool. You may want to scrap data for different reasons from the website. You may want to monitor items that are being sold so that you can buy and resell those items at a profit. Many people have already made fortunes through this practice.


For example, you can scrap Craigslist data through a proxy to look for the Rose Bowl tickets. Using the proxy, you can buy tickets for $100 each and then resell them for $500 each. Many people are scrapping data through Craigslist proxies for personal reasons, such as comparing prices of certain items.   


  1. Posting Multiple Ads


Craigslist is very tough when it comes to spamming. This means the site won’t let you post multiple ads. If you have many items to sell, you’d need to post separate ads for each item. Or if you are listing digital services, you may want to post each service individually. However, when you do this without a proxy, Craigslist will consider it a spam. The site may even delete your posts and ban you. The easy fix here is to use Craigslist proxies. Using different proxies, you can list all of your items or services for sale.


  1. Evade location limitations


Craigslist has strict location restrictions in place. You would not be able to create listings in a location other than the one your IP address pertains to. For example, if you were living in Houston, you would not be able to post an ad in NYC. If posting an ad in another city is important to you, a Craigslist proxy can help you do that. You should be sure to choose the server location in the city under which you want to post the ad. You can buy multiple Craigslist proxies to post your ads in many cities around the country.


  1. Evading restrictions at work


Every employer wants his/her employees to concentrate solely on the official work. That’s absolutely fine, after all, the company has hired you for work. However, what is you have completed all your tasks for the day, and have some time to spare? You may want to use Craigslist; however, the odds might be against you. Chances are your employer has already blocked Craigslist. You can buy a Craigslist proxy to evade the restriction. In this way,  you can access Craigslist while at work. Your employer will not be able to snoop on your online activities.


  1. Getting past phone verification

Craigslist may require you to verify your account via the phone in certain circumstances. For example, when you post many ads from the same IP address, Craigslist will ask you for phone verification. In order to get past the phone verification, you can simply buy different Craigslist proxies and complete your ads postings without any trouble.  By using different proxies, Craigslist won’t ask you for phone verification. Should you get flagged, simply start posting with a new proxy.


  1. Get past banned IP address


You might have committed some mistakes on Craigslist that went against the classified ads terms of service.  As a result, Craigslist might have banned your IP address. You can still be able to access Craigslist by using a proxy, because the proxy server will assign your device a new IP address.


  1. Staying anonymous


Some people may not have big reasons to buy Craigslist proxies; however, they may simply want to remain anonymous when using Craigslist. If you are someone who is very sensitive about online security, the Craigslist proxy can give you protection. Remember, staying anonymous online comes with immense benefits. It doesn’t hurt to remain anonymous in the online world. Not remaining anonymous online can seriously hurt at times.

Pokemon Go private proxy server ? Why to use it ?

Pokemon Go private proxy server ? Pokemon Go is undeniably one of the most popular games ever made. You might ask, “what is Pokemon Go proxy?” or “what does the game has to do with private proxies?” Well, in this post, we’ll explore how proxies fit into the Pokemon Go game. The good news, however, is that Pokemon Go private proxies already exist, and many Pokemon Go stalwarts have already heaved a sigh of relief.


If the odds are against you, you should tap into the power of Pokemon Go proxy to unleash your passion for and mastery of the game. While Pokemon Go private proxies will let you hack and play the game, the creator of the game does not allow these methods. In short, the Pokemon Go private proxy server lets you play the game from incorrect locations, build creatures, cheat other players, and exploit other areas of the game.


So, let’s see what can you do with the Pokemon Go private proxy server.


  1.    Change your location

Pokemon Go is completely centered on your geo-location. In simple terms, it is an augmented reality game that lets you play in your surrounding areas. The game takes your physical location data from your device’s IP address and GPS signal. This means that you simply can’t play the game if you are located in areas or countries where the game is not allowed or where it hasn’t yet been released. This is where Pokemon Go private proxies can help you.


Proxies help you change your device’s location to an area where Pokemon Go is allowed or released. For example, by using a proxy server based in the US, you will be able to use Pokemon Go. Be sure to download the app, create your account, and login in to your account with the same proxy.


  1.    Location Spoofing

Even though the Pokemon Go proxy can make things work for you, the problem is that your device’s GPS system will transmit your actual physical location to the servers of Niantic – the creator of the game. This can happen in many countries. In this case, you simply can’t catch a single of them, let alone all of them. So, what’s the solution? Well, the solution is geo-location spoofing, which is easy for Android devices but a bit tricky for iOS.


Geo-location spoofing lets you change your device’s GPS-based map settings. If you manage to spoof your location, you can get Pokemon Go to work for you. The bonus: you can get a lot of them by traveling to different locations without physically going anywhere.


  1.    Protection

Since the method explained above is not permitted or approved by the creator of Pokemon Go, the proxy provides you a high degree of protection. The proxy server makes you appear anonymous. Nobody will be able to see your device’s actual IP; instead, they’d see the IP address of the proxy server. Using proxies is the most reliable and best way to play Pokemon Go from areas where the game is not available or where it is not legally allowed.


  1. Walk with bots and create your own world


If you have finally managed to use proxies for Pokemon Go, you will now require a bot to fine-tune the method. The good news is that the bot will let you walk several miles in the game without actually physically moving from your home. The game requires you to physically walk around to collect the eggs, which is not possible for you. The bots help you here. They will virtually take you around to collect the eggs.
If you don’t want other people snatching your Pokemon, and if you hate the laws governing the game, you can even create your own world. You can use the combination of the proxy and bot to capture all of the data transferred by the game to your device and change it on your own server. Now you have your own world, with your own rules.

What is a proxy server and how it works?

Proxy sever and how it works? What means a proxy ? What is a proxy server and how it works is one of the common questions asked by many people. Well, people use proxies extensively around the world in one form or another. If you are using the Internet at work, chances are you have already used a proxy without being aware of it. One of the common and popular forms of proxies is the virtual private network (VPN). Businesses mostly use VPN.

A proxy enables you to work remotely, privately, and securely. It protects your online activities and identity. You need to take a look at how a proxy works in order to understand what is proxy fully. Let’s take a look at how a proxy actually works.

How proxies work

Proxy is actually a point-to-point linkage between the users and a far-flung location on the World Wide Web. For example, a person working for a company in New York uses a VPN at his workplace. This means his PC is connected with a dedicated system at his company. This system is referred to as VPN server.  This server will carry out your online activities and correspondence.

In addition to the popular question of what is proxy, many people are curious about the benefits of a proxy.  A major benefit of using a proxy is that the no one will see your online activities and transactions. This happens because the private channel of your company is encrypting your communication. Your communication is moving from your PC to the proxy/VPN server, and then being channeled out to the wider Internet.

So, what is proxy has a simple answer: a proxy enables you to do your online activities privately. You can carry out your online correspondence without the fear that anyone might be virtually snooping on you. Anyone trying to monitor your communication through the packets of your PC will see the IP address the proxy server has assigned your PC. Nobody will see your device’s actual IP address. Nobody can trace the websites you are visiting and the person you are communicating with.

When it comes to answering, “what is proxy,” the answer would remain incomplete without taking a look at SSL. SSL is an effective tool for ensuring your online privacy and security. However, SSL comes with a shortcoming in that people will be able to see the headers and identify the websites you visited. This is not the case with a proxy, because it camouflages the headers of websites.  This adds a second layer of security and privacy to your online activities.

Besides VPN, other popular proxies include SSL proxy and Socks proxy. These proxies almost function in a similar way. They relay your system’s packets, strip your device’s IP address, and assign a dedicated IP to your device from the proxy server’s pool of IPs.  

People around the world use proxies for different purposes. For example, if a certain content on the Internet is restricted in the US but not in Canada, people from the US will not be able to access the content. In order to get access to the content, they may use a proxy, preferably a proxy server based in Canada. The proxy server will enable the user to bypass the restriction placed on the particular content in the US. And the good news is that no one in the US will know that you just accessed a restricted content.  I hope this simple example helps you understand what is proxy and how it works.