How do I find my purchased proxies?

By BESTPROXY | 11 Aug 2022

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Learn how to find and download your recently purchased HTTP or SOCKS5 proxies

After you placed an order and the payment was approved, your proxies will instantly become active. To find the proxies you purchased first log in to your account and click on the hamburger icon in the top left to reveal the menu if it's hidden.

On the left panel, you can see all four proxy categories. Click on the category of your purchased proxies.

The page for purchasing proxies will open. Click on My Dedicated Proxies.

You'll be shown a list with all the active proxies you own in the specified category. In this case, we are in the  HTTP Dedicated Proxies   category and you can see only  the HTTP dedicated proxies purchased in this account.

You can easily navigate and find specific proxies by making use of the Filters available in the right column.

The process is the same for any of the four categories.  If you have purchased shared SOCKS5 proxies , select the Shared Proxies  category from the SOCKS5 Proxies  section in the left column and follow the same steps.

Why can't I see my purchased proxies?

If the proxies are not displayed under the My Dedicated Proxies tab, it means that your payment hasn't been processed yet.

You can check this by going to the Billing tab and looking at your order status. If you see Payment Pending beside your order, the payment hasn't been processed. Once the payment goes through, the status will be automatically changed to Active and you can find the proxies in your account by following the above steps.

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