IOS - How to setup SOCKS5 proxies

By BESTPROXY | 11 Aug 2022

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In this article, we are going to show you how to setup SOCKS5 proxies on IOS devices using Potatso Lite and ShadowRocket

The first thing you need to do is to get the SOCKS5 Proxy IP you want to use and your proxy credentials.

First, go to your SOCKS5 proxies

Second, get the IP you want to connect and the port of that IP address.

Third, you need to get your proxy credentials from the right sidebar.

Now that you have all the data you need we will start setting the SOCKS5 proxy with different apps:


1. Using Potatso Lite

First, install on your IOS device Potatso Lite by downloading from App Store on this link


1. Open Potatso Lite and press Add a Proxy and select Add under Manual

2. Fill the form with your data and credentials:

  • Type -> SOCKS5
  • Host -> The proxy IP
  • Port - > The proxy port
  • Authentication -> Password
  • User -> Your username
  • Password -> Your proxy password

After that press Done


3. On the main page press the Play button in the bottom-right corner. A pop-up message will appear, press on Allow.

That's it, you can visit InfoIp to check your SOCKS5 proxy.


1. Using Shadowrocket

First, install on your IOS device Shadowrocket by downloading from App Store on this link


1. Open Shadowrocket and touch Global Routing, there at Global Routing select Proxy.


2. Now let's add the SOCKS5 proxy by pressing the top-right plus icon.

Here fill the form with your proxy data:

  • Type -> SOCKS5
  • Address -> Your IP address
  • Port -> Your IP port
  • Username -> Your username
  • Password -> Your proxy password


3. To connect press the top-right switch button on the first row, where are writing your connection status, which should be Not Connected.

A pop-up will appear, you need to press on Allow.

That's it, you can visit InfoIp to check your SOCKS5 proxy.

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